Our Structure

Ukrainian-Austrian Association is registered in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Management Board:

Alfred F. Praus, Chairman:

Alfred F. Praus has a distinguished international career in top level management of Austrian-based industrial and engineering groups such as RHI and Waagner-Biro, the latter of which he successfully restructured and turned around. He has been living in Ukraine for 10 years meanwhile. There he started projects in logistics and tourism development, further on focusing on investment promotion and advising. Alfred has a broad and far-reaching network in business and culture in both countries.

Stefan Haboeck, Member:

Stefan Haboeck is member of the City Council of Wels, Austria, media spokesman of Member of European Parliament, Dr. Paul Ruebig and was President of PanEuropean Youth of Austria. Stefan started activities in Ukraine in 2015, supporting the Pro Maidan Pro European movement; he has a strong network and an Austrian entrepreneurial background. He will focus on the Austrian aspects and tasks of Ukrainian-Austrian Association .


Marianna Kordun, Assistant:

She is Bachelor of Arts of Kyiv Shevchenko University. Besides her native Ukrainian and Russian, she is fluent in English and German. Mariia has been active in civic engagement facilitation as a member of MitOst e.V. and has experience in conducting cultural events.

Supervisory Committee:

The Supervisory Committee is a body supporting, sponsoring and fostering the development of Ukrainian-Austrian Association as well as advising the Management Board on strategic issues. Actual members are:

Dr. Erhard Busek, President:

he is a distinguished Austrian personality widely known and highly esteemed in all Europe. After having been Minister and Vice Chancellor of Austria he was appointed, among others, Balkans-delegate of European Union, a task he successfully performed with initiative and impetus for several years. Today he is President of Vienna Economic Forum, Honorary President of Europäisches Forum Alpbach and Chairman of IDM – Institut für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa.

Olha Bosak:

Olha is Founder and former CEO of Olha Bosak Management Consulting with a focus on energy issues. She is currently working at Naftogaz, Ukraine's largest state-owned oil and gas holding, as a Director of a newly created Center for Reforms of Oil & Gas Sector and Corporate Governance of SOEs. She held senior positions in both public and private sector; she has worked with Presidential Administration, Ministries, international organizations and big companies in Ukraine and abroad; she is co-author of two books; in the past years, she has also developed a distinguished international career as painter; her high-level network is vast indeed.

Nils Grolitsch:

he is one of the main Austrian industrialists invested in Ukraine. EUROGOLD Industries in Zhytomyr has a workforce of approx. 1,200 meanwhile, producing household goods; with their recently developed high-end surfboards they have won several world cup races already. Currently they are establishing industrial-scale production facilities for these boards in Zhytomyr.

Igor Zhaloba:

He is highly esteemed doctor of historical sciences, professor. He is currently Head of the Chair of International Relations and International Law at the Borys Grinchenko University of Kyiv. Igor Zhaloba is co-chair of the Austrian-Ukrainian commission of historians; Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Society for the History of Diplomacy and International Relations and Chairman of the Board of the Pan-European Union of Ukraine.

Vitaly Portnikov:

Vitaly Portnikov is a well-known Ukrainian publicist, political analyst and TV presenter. He is the author of several journalistic books and artistic prose. Vitaly Portnikov had founded the political show "Politclub", which currently airs on the Espreso TV Channel. He is also the head of the Ukrainian part of the Ukrainian-Polish Partnership Forum and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Public Broadcasting of Ukraine.

The Supervisory Committee will later on be broadened to up to 9 members with Austrian and Ukrainian personalities holding key positions in business, politics and culture.
Additionally there may be installed an Academic Council with key academic experts, writers, professors and civil society leaders to support Austrian-Ukrainian friendship and the image of Ukraine in Austria and beyond.